• Dolly the Sheep

    Through 1996 to 2003, Roslin BioCentre was home to Dolly, arguably the world’s most famous sheep. During 1996, Professor Sir Ian Wilmut and his research group first cloned a mammal from an adult somatic cell, a lamb named Dolly.

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  • Location

    Roslin BioCentre is in a unique, rural location in the shadow of the Pentland Hills and located just off the Edinburgh City Bypass on the outskirts of the small village of Roslin, less than seven miles from the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city

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  • Innovation Centre at Easter Bush Campus

    The development of a new Innovation Centre at Easter Bush Campus will provide incubator opportunities within a dynamic working environment offering world class facilities, equipped with the latest technologies.

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  • Connections

    Roslin BioCentre is well connected with The Roslin Institute at Easter Bush and is in close proximity to the science parks within the Edinburgh Science Triangle, the Universities and research institutes and local council Economic Development departments.

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  • Property Solutions

    Roslin BioCentre provides practical property solutions for energetic and vibrant new businesses offering a range of flexible and affordable accommodation options, office or lab-based with favourable lease terms.

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  • Rosslyn Chapel

    Roslin Village is home to the world-famous 15th Century Rosslyn Chapel, one of Scotland's most historic churches and renowned for its intricate stone carvings together with countless theories, myths and legends.

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Welcome to Roslin BioCentre

Roslin BioCentre is a world-leading ‘centre of excellence’ for life sciences and the location of choice for a wide range of successful companies.

Whilst able to meet the needs and business demands of the largest occupiers, Roslin BioCentre is also focussed on providing practical property solutions and support to help energetic and vibrant new businesses grow.

International Engagement
Roslin BioCentre Limited has developed international connections and collaborations with similar science park facilities throughout the world including regions in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Poland and Baltics.