Business Support

The team at Roslin BioCentre is able to provide day - to - day expertise and business support, allowing tenants to focus on their business ensuring they grow and prosper, creating a strong scientific community.

Roslin BioCentre promotes opportunities for collaboration, business development and company growth as well as information and opportunities for knowledge exchange and inward investment.

Senior management offer mentoring services, early stage advice and provide signposting to fundraising opportunities, local business support, health and safety advice, etc.

Midlothian Council provide business support and advice to encourage and support the creation, development and growth of small and growing businesses within the east of Scotland so that they will in turn be able to contribute to and strengthen the local economy in terms of jobs, growth and wealth. 

Midlothian Council Economic Development and Business Gateway can assist with:

  • Business planning
  • Funding
  • Location
  • Marketing
  • Training

For companies interested in establishing a presence in the Edinburgh region, Roslin BioCentre can make available facilities for visiting companies who wish a soft-landing in Scotland; provide linkages to Edinburgh's world-class academic universities and research institutes.