Roslin Foundation

Following the transfer on 1st May 2008 of the staff, research activities and related assets of The Roslin Institute into the University of Edinburgh, the old legal entity continued and was renamed as the Roslin Foundation.

The Roslin Foundation:

  • Remains an independent registered charity
  • Is a company limited by guarantee with a Board of Trustees
  • Holds the residual financial reserves of the old Institute, which will be invested in supporting the research activities of The Roslin Institute and the Foundation's subsidiary companies. It will be exploring opportunities to increase these reserves to ensure ongoing support

The Roslin Foundation mission statement is:-

"The advancement of education and science in the field of animal bioscience, as it relates to agriculture and biomedicine, by funding, supporting and promoting scientific research and disseminating the results of such research”.

It has a number of subsidiary companies:-

  • Roslin Cells - a leader in the isolation of new clinical grade undifferentiated stem cells for use in research and therapy. 
  • Well Cow – has developed a unique wireless telemetry bolus system that measures rumen pH and temperature in cows.
  • Roslin BioCentre— life science focussed science park, home to an impressive array of research intensive companies.
  • Roslin Cellab — stem cell technology company, providing contract research, product development work and stem cell culture training for academic and commercial clients.
  • Roslin Developments — commissioned the construction of the new Roslin Institute building at Easter Bush. 
  • Roslin Eggs — developing and exploiting avian transgenic know-how in the production of recombinant proteins.


Malcolm Bateman
Roslin Foundation
Roslin BioCentre
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