Why Choose RBC?

As a science park, Roslin BioCentre has operated successfully for over ten years with an excellent track record of growth and developing early stage companies. We have excellent references from tenant companies.

The UK Life Science Start Up Report 2010 found that companies within BioIncubators are almost twice as likely to secure investment and the amount they receive is more than double that of non-incubator companies. This is a key attraction for early stage companies looking to locate onto a science park.

What makes Roslin BioCentre successful

  1. Working WITH tenants to help them grow their businesses
  2. Signposting fundraising opportunities, local business support, health and safety advice, knowledge centres…
  3. Operating an efficient facilities management offering – a "value for money proposition”
  4. Providing a community with extensive networking opportunities
  5. An environment where tenant company employees enjoy coming to work
  6. Listening to what our tenants want – and then doing our best to provide it