Roslin Village

Roslin is a small, picturesque and historic village located approximately 8 miles south of Edinburgh city centre. Most famous for Rosslyn Chapel, the village is set in beautiful surrounding countryside on the west side of Roslin Glen, now a country park. Amenities in the village include a Post Office, convenience store, supermarket, park, cafes and several hotels serving bar meals.

Attractions and Recreation

Roslin Castle

There has been a castle on the site since the early 14th century, although the present ruins are of slightly later date. Following destruction during the War of the Rough Wooing of 1544, the Castle was rebuilt and this structure, built into the cliffs of Roslin Glen, has remained at least partially habitable ever since. Roslin Castle was renovated in the 1980s and now serves as holiday accommodation and is accessed via a high bridge, which replaced an earlier drawbridge.

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Roslin Glen Country Park

Roslin Glen Country Park is a wooded glen in the North Esk Valley, rich with industrial and cultural heritage. Once home to Scotland's largest gunpowder mill, it is now a spectacular location to explore the natural environment of the Esk Valley with its diverse range of habitats and associated wildlife. There are marked walks with several places of interest along the way, including Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin Castle, Wallace's Cave and Hawthornden Castle.

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Site of the Battle of Roslin

A monument cairn erected by the Roslin Heritage Society at the end of last century, marks the site of the Battle of Roslin, a battle of the First War of Scottish Independence, taking place on 24 February 1303.


John Lawson Johnston was born in Roslin in 1839 and was the inventor of Bovril, the trademarked name of a thick, salty meat extract. Johnston studied in Edinburgh and met Lyon Playfair, a professor of chemistry at the University of Edinburgh and through him, developed an interest in food science and preserving. There is a plaque above the door of the property on 29 Main Street erected by the Roslin Heritage Society.

Eating Out

The Original Hotel

This privately owned family-run hotel maintains the character and charm of an olde inn while continuing to lead the way in customer service, charm and elegance.

The Roslin Glen Hotel

This quiet country style hotel is in the village of Roslin and provides a good selection of hot and cold options, served in comfortable surroundings with a warm, friendly atmosphere. The hotel has a restaurant and a bar.

Giovanniís Bistro

Giovanni has recently opened a new Italian cafe and bistro at 7 The High Street, Penicuik - and Roslin BioCentre receive a visit each day with a selection of sandwiches, snacks and cakes for purchase.

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